H2-BP, the world's first wearable blood pressure monitor

H2-BP is the wearable blood pressure monitor. It is the smallest and lightest blood pressure in the world.


  • 44g (Band)
  • 120g (Packaged product: band, charger, manual)


  • Lithium lon 120mA/3days
  • Charging time : 1h 30min


  • BLE (4.0)


3.7V Li-Ion Internal Battery
Charging Time
1hour 30minutes
Battery Life3days(Decrease by number of measurements)
Blood PressureMeasurement Range : 30 ~ 260mmHg
Accuracy : ±5mmHg
Measurement Method : Oscillometric method

Measurement Time : 30 ~ 50seconds
Pulse Rate
Measurement Range : 40bpm ~ 180bpm
Accuracy : ±5%
Cuff Pressure Error Display Limit
Blood Pressure ±3mmHg
pulse ±5%
About 44g
Dimensions60(H) X 75(D) X 24(W)
DisplayOLED (96 X 39pixel)
MemoryUp to 200readings

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H2CARE will be your partner to care your blood pressure, which is hard to care alone. It will systematically manage your blood pressure.

Easy Input-your life style

Hypertension is extremely related with patient's life habit and activity.

H2-BP, the world's first wearable blood pressure monitor
You can download the H2-BP manual by pressing the icon.